Government community psychological advocacy

Regular or irregular mental health lectures for residents, the content may involve the mental health of the elderly, marital emotions, children's upbringing, career choices, and so on.

Psychological group counseling consultation for specific groups of people

Provide support for specific government projects such as families who lost only one child, psychological assistance for children with autism, etc..

Enterprise EAP

The organization sets up a set of long-term welfare and physical and mental health support programs for employees. It provides diagnosis, evaluation, training, professional guidance and consultation for the organization.

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Who We Are

Gumei Green House Youth Mental Health Service Center, Minhang District, Shanghai, was established on September 12, 2017. Its business scope includes conducting lectures on youth mental health knowledge in its jurisdiction; providing youth mental health education guidance services for community families; undertaking government or related services Relevant public service projects commissioned by the organization.

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Adult consultation
Child adolescent consultation
Parent work

Autism Over 18 Socialization Enablement Project

What is Autism? Autism is a bio-neurological developmental disability that generally appears before the age of 3. Autism impacts the normal development of the brain in the areas of social interaction, communication skills, and cognitive function.

Can Autism be cured? Currently there is no treatment for autism; however, it is widely accepted that the earliest interventions allow the best outcomes.  Treatments generally address both cognitive and behavioral functioning.

It is incredibly easy for adults with autism to undergo deterioration if they do not participate in a working environment. It is crucial for them to maintain daily interactions with others to prevent deteriorations.


Our History

July 2017
The Gumei Green House was established and launched a series of lectures on children's psychological science in the Gumei community.
Settled up a mental health care center at Shanghai Polytechnic University to provide mental counseling for college students and supervision for the consultant.
May 2019
Started to provide mental health care services for Fortune 500 companies. Clients include Microsoft, Oracle, Lenovo, etc.
July 2020
Carrying out a comprehensive series of children with autism enabling projects, including AI assisting children with autism rehabilitation, socialization older autism, autism documentary, and musical theme planning.

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