Spiritual Light In The Children Of The Stars
When we accept their special way of interacting with the world, we will find that their own unique way is emitting its original light!

Each of them has brought certain talents and talents from their planet, such as some good at mathematics, some good at drawing, and some good at music. When we accept their special way of interacting with the world, we will find that their own unique way is emitting its original light!

· Healing Light Activity Description

The venue for this event will be sponsored by Daoyun Space. Location: Room 1305, Building 1, Lane 1136, Xinzha Road, Jing'an District, Shanghai (near Exit 1 of Nanjing West Road Metro)

Time: Saturday, April 3, 14:00-17:00 in the afternoon

Participants: Autistic children and parents (each child is limited to one accompanying parent).

Age: 8-16 years old

Activity planning

2021 World Autism Day

Let's take a look at our fun and healing activities!

● Draw your heart

We will use painting, hand-made, etc., so that children can express their inner voice and desire through the creation of their own hands!

●Love massage

We will have a professional energy masseur to teach parents how to help their children relax through simple massage, and promote mutual connection through body massage and contact!

● Sound healing

We will use musical instruments with high-frequency vibrations such as singing bowls to help children relax. We will also help children adjust their physical and mental frequencies with their own voices through some simple singing.

● Happy dancing

We will mobilize the children's interest through some special music and dances, dance happily together, and link with our own bodies!

● Interpretation of character and talent

The healers will use tools such as astrology, tarot and face to help children’s parents better understand their children’s personality, talents, and learn how to better interact with their children so that they can better create the world they want. !

●One-to-one healing

Our healers all have their own unique tools that will help children clean up and heal their bodies, emotions or energy, or help parents better communicate or interact with their children, and through some fun Tools such as crystal, tarot, etc., help children to better carry out internal links!

Activity instructor


The initiator of the event. In the event, he will lead singing bowls and other voice healing, talent interpretation.

·Emrys & Elsa·

Will use tarot, astrology, name and other methods to interpret personality and talent.


During the activity, parents and children will be taught how to interact with each other more smoothly through physical touch, massage, and hugs.

· Issi & Maggie ·

In the activities, parents and children will be helped to clean up and transform some inherent ideas, and to clear up and heal the emotions. .

· Maria & Myu ·

The activities will lead painting, hand-made and dancing links to help children to heal and create themselves in an artistic way.

· 芳奎 ·

During the activity, parents and children will be assisted in clarifying and adjusting the physical or emotional aspects.

The activity does not involve any expenses, and we have prepared exquisite gifts for all the children who come to participate. This event was sponsored by "Gumei Green House Children and Adolescent Mental Health Center".

The Gumei Green House Children and Adolescent Mental Health Center is a non-profit organization established in 2017, dedicated to the mental health education of children and adolescents and the popularization of family mental health knowledge. The institution also serves the employment of older autistic adolescents and related social rehabilitation research.


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