Activity Notes | Soft Volleyball Volunteer Activities
I sincerely hope that everyone can spread this positive energy and make the society warmer, more harmonious and more beautiful!

The last soft volleyball of the Lunar New Year of the Rat was held in full swing at Shanghai Minhang Jingcheng Middle School. In the cold spring, we still can't resist everyone's enthusiasm for active participation.

Volunteers came to the event site early to assist the Minhang Autism Volunteers Association in preparations. Afterwards, Teacher Zhang from Gumei Green House Psychology gave an introduction to the activities and on-site training for the volunteers.

Under the guidance of the coach, everyone started the soft volleyball training after earnestly doing the warm-up.

Many volunteers are the first time they come into contact with children with autism. At the beginning, they were a little nervous and didn't know how to communicate with the children.

In the beginning, everyone used a one-on-one pairing, and started by remembering each other's name. As the activity progressed, children with autism and volunteers gradually became familiar with each other. During the break, everyone talked about the homework, and some children sang songs with the volunteers excitedly, and the joyful atmosphere rippled in the venue.

The volunteers also worked hard to communicate with them at close range, and learned more about autism and their families. At the same time, they felt that the parents of these families experienced difficulties that ordinary parents could not realize.

The two-hour event was drawing to a close, and everyone took a group photo together. Volunteers share activities. What is moving is that everyone came from all over Shanghai to participate. In addition to near Minhang, there were also loving friends from Baoshan and Pudong.

The "Sprouts of Hope" peanut sprouts and New Year's eco-friendly bags made by the children at the Star Music Autism Training Base were also "carried away" by the loving friends.

Today's event has brought many wonderful discoveries to each other. Many friends expressed their willingness to participate in such meaningful activities frequently, walk into them, understand them, eliminate prejudice and misunderstanding, and give more tolerance and support.

Thank you again for your charity, and thank you for your willingness to invest time, energy, and your own professional knowledge to participate in charity activities. I sincerely hope that everyone can spread this positive energy and make the society warmer, more harmonious and more beautiful!

"Light up a heart lamp for you", each of us has the ability to contribute to the change of life!


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